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On our campaign, we're using Bandit's Campaign Rules.

Useful Links:

How to read Ship Control Sheets (in Finnish)
Evaluations of each races' ships etc.
Turn Sequence
Available ships and mines.

Play-by-email games

Game #1 vs. Aaron (Markab vs. Centauri)
Game #2 vs. Heikki (Narn vs. Abbai)
Game #3 vs. Aaron (Minbari vs. Drazi)
Game #4 vs. Aaron (Narn vs. Centauri)
Game #5 Juhana vs. Tomi (Vree vs. Centauri)

The campaign

Current Map

Map in an Excel file


Processed turn 04/2258 (Infection)

Awaiting orders for Turn 05/2258 (The Parliament of Dreams)

Received: Shadows, Vorlon

Non-Aggression Pacts
AbbaiBrakiri, Drazi, Minbari
BrakiriAbbai, Drazi, Earth, Minbari, Narn, Vree
DraziAbbai, Brakiri, Earth, Narn, Vree
EarthBrakiri, Drazi, Minbari, Narn
MinbariAbbai, Brakiri, Centauri, Earth, Vree
NarnBrakiri, Drazi, Earth
VreeBrakiri, Drazi, Minbari